Sunday, September 8, 2013

Downtown Los Angeles Inflatable Structure

Downtown Los Angeles Inflatable Walk-in Structure at Grand Park 

Los Angeles' Downtown has seen an explosion of urban renewal and vitality injected into it in the last 15 years. And as part of that renewal and vitality is the influence of the art scene there. The arts often play a key role of an urban renaissance, and Los Angeles is no exception. Grand Park is also a symbol of that renewal. Situated between the Music Center on the west and City Hall on the East, the programming of events is a key to that success.

The Inflatable Walk-in Structure is called Exxopolis. It was created by Architects of Air, a Nottingham, England-based company that is the brainchild of sculptor Alan Parkinson, who started designing the structures he calls luminaria in 1992. The World City event is the first time a luminarium will be presented in Los Angeles.